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really mad!!!

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ok..where do i start this... in school, my friend told me like a week ago that in her class they were supposed to do a project, and that they could do it with people in another period, and that it wouldnt matter.So she went on and said she wanted to do it with me and this other friend,but the thing is , the teacher hadnt told us anything about the project, so we were really h appy that we weren't going to do it. maybe she forgot, or something ( the teacher)...but i told my friend if the teacher said anything about the project i would do it with her, and my other friend, and she was like oh ok.

But now!, she comes up to me and says she talked to the teacher and told her she was going to do the project with me!!, she gave the teacher my name and everything...

I was SOO mad, since i wasnt going to do it in the first place, and if the teacher forgot to mention it to us.., with her telling her that, she remind her of telling us about the project, and now because of her, i have to do it..

when she told me that, i was like WHAT!!!, why would you do that?! , but then she looked like she was mad AT ME, when im the one supposed to be mad. she turned the tables, and told me (sarcastically) THAT It WAS OK, SHE WAS GOING TO DO IT ALONE IF I DIDNT WANT TO DO IT WITH HER. and what i hate the most is , that because im so stupid , i actually felt bad, and told her that it was ok and th at i was going to the project with her.. then she changed from being mad to being OK, she started talking to me like nothing had happened.


I dont want to do the project, i just dont.. i mean who would want to do something they didnt have to do in the first place?, i have another project from another class to complete, and this just adds up to my plate..

Why would she do that?


its like she was like IF I HAVE TO DO IT, YOU HAVE TO DO IT!, and its ont only that.. its just that she turns the tables about everything, like when im the one supposed to be mad at her, she gives me THIS LOOK shes famous for. She doesnt say anything but she looks at you like "I HATE YOU" and i dont konw if im too nice for this, but when she does this, i try to do what she says so she stops looking at me that way, adn dont be mad, cuz i hate people being mad at me....i worry that if i continue to be this way people are going to take advange of me...

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I know how you feel. I have a friend who tries to control my life too. Like one time she asked me if I had plans for the next day. I told her that I couldn't remember what was going on, but I would do something with her if I didn't have anything else going on. Well, it turns out that I had to do things with my dad. So I called her the next day (the day we were supposed to do something) and I told her that I had to do stuff with my dad & she got mad at me. She claimed that I was blowing her off because I said I would hang out with her. However, what I told her was that I would hang out with her if I had nothing else going on.


People like my friend and your friend, only hear what they want. Your friend only heard that you would help her with the project. She didn't pay any attention to the fact that you told her you would do the project with her only if you had to do the project for your class too.


You have to be honest with her. It doesn't matter if she hates your guts, you can't let her control you like that. I know how hard it is. I still let my friend boss me around sometimes because I can't stand her getting mad at me either.


However, you have to be honest with her, or else its only going to continue. If you don't want to do this project, its understandable. You have other things to do with your life than do extra homework that you don't need to. Just tell her that. be nice about it. Tell her "I know you want me to help you with the project, but I just don't see the point when I don't need to do it, I have other projects to do, I just don't really want to work on something that won't do me any good for school". If she gets mad at you, thats her problem. Its your life, if you don't want to help her on her project, then thats your choice.

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take a few hours and help her do ths project. Next time something similiar happens tell her straight up that your very busy with a project from another class and have no time to spare.



A lot of people around me is like your friend, sometimes you just gotta take it. Personally I feel that if my friends have a generally good characteristics then Id accept some little dumb things they tend to do.




Take it as a lesson, and next time it wunt happen again.

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thats mainly what i do.. i let her boss me around.. but im getting sick and tired of this.. .Im thinking of talking to her right now, about it...i guess shes going to be mad at me.. but then again.. she shouldnt be, cuz IM the one supposed to be mad at her for what she did...., and im gonna make her understand that , cuz its not like she can turn the tables everytime she wants something...if she does something wrong, she alwayz finds a way to make me feel bad about it.. and that is just not fair, cuz i actually feel guilty and it shouldnt be like that.. i just have to stop this right now, even if it means losing her friendship, or her getting mad at me for a while... maybe she'll come to her senses.. and understand she cant go on doing this.

thanx for the advice people.. im gonna do it right now.. ill tell you what happened .. (drum roll)...lol

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Hey hun,


If she gets mad at you, she's obivously not worth being friends with, friends are suppose to work things through and not BACKSTAB others, because they want to make themselve feel higher....maybe u should teach her a good lesson, then she's realize not to take advantage of you,because ur so nice, i too have the same problem but yet i don't get it!some ppl should just grow the hell up!


i wish you luck! i hope it helped! ttyl bye hun

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