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my ex wants me to hook up with his bestfriend!


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editer person- U didnt keep my topic up long enough and i have no clue how to contact you so im usin my friends screenname!




Not to long ago my old bestfriend who had something goin with my ex a while back... we ended up drivin over to his house since we havn't seen him for a while. He likes her and i guess she hurt him but what bugs me is that she has a boyfriend at school already and a mess around buddy on the side which was her 2 year Boyfriend she told my ex they broke up and she doesnt assiciate with him anymore. ,


We broke up because of my stupidity pretty much. He got attached and wouldn't stop bugging me. He use to call me to much.i ignored his calls because of aggervation ..Not just at him but at everyone pretty much, But now all i want to do since ive seen him is Kiss him which i got sick and tired of from him to...


The PrObLeM~ He wants to hook me up with his friend... I WANT HIM BACK THO and its HARD to see my friend being with him or anyone with him for that matter. I WANT HIM ALL TO MYSELF. I miss him and all i wanna do is make up for the rough relationship i put him through and just smooth it out. I MISS Him yall. Its Like he has this Confidence ive never seen in him and he seems for sure of himself and what hes doin in life. That really re-attracted me to him.


That day we went to his house we sat around watching a movie in his room. Him and my friend were flirting and i didn't think it would burn me as bad as it actually did. I seriously was about to cry. Tears were coming down my face but i just pretended i had a head ache. And plus! It was dark with a blacklight in his room. after i got home i just bAllled like no other. and then my friend called me to ask me to give her the last 4 numbers of him phonenumber.. I felt like telling her to go to heLlO


All i have to say is im a DA*n fool for lettin him go. And all i want to do is get him back, but it seems to me like hes totally moved on and just is hurting me and i dont even think he realizes it. Im like seriously down in tears right now and im going to go to bed and hope i just wake up and its just a bad dream.


I can use all the advice possible. Neones input may really help me out Thanks for anybodys help! i appriciate it.

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I dont even know what to do...This girl that is comin on to him is just no good for him. He is still stuck on his ex but i dont know what to do. It seems weird because we havnt talked since he broke up with me on my answer machine for not returning his phone calls.


Just 3 days ago we decided to stop by and thats when everything just went Wrong! I don't want to see him get hurt by this girl. Sshe is such a two timing sneaky girl. Seriously im not at all Jelous to the point i hate her or something but it just hurts to see him falling for someone that will just break his heart over and over again.

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