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Talking with ex's brother today

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He has been supportive since she left me, usually just over texts or facebook every couple weeks. He talks to her alot so he knows whats going on. I texted him for advice on what to do, how i miss her, if i should attempt to reopen communication or give up hope.


He texted me that he is going to call me in 3 hours, I'm freaking out now we normally dont talk on the phone, in the context of what I asked only a few things could prompt a call.


Is she with someone? Has she moved away? Does she want to talk? If she wants to talk how do I contact her..


Omg my minds going a mile a minute

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Thanks, lorelaijones. This has been building up, one of my closest friends who knows the situation thinks I should just put it out there how I feel and try to reopen communication because she has controlled all communication up until this point and if it fails its over completely and if not we are back together. I have been in this limbo state where a month ago she said she wishes to reconnect after seperation ahd healing take place.. and I havnt heard from her sense. I have been having a depressed week about this situation and while hope for the future is nice I need to get some answers at least.


I will not show myself as desperate, I will try to get the information I need from him to know how to move forward.

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I can relate to the OP. My ex is the sister-in-law of one of my best friends and I've been friends with her sister for eight years now. However, I have not talked to the sister at all about our situation, which has carried on for over two months. I've avoided it for several reasons a) I'm not looking to or trying to appear like I'm looking for inside information b) the sister is extremely overprotective of my ex and nothing I say would do anything to help my cause more than likely and c) I don't want to cause my friend any drama or annoyance. I've talked to my friend about it plenty and while he wants to help me if he could, the ex knows our relationship and won't confide in him at all. And if he tried to sell her on getting back with me, his wife would get pissed at him for meddling with her sister no matter how good of a guy I am. The whole thing sucks and I'm about done with it. I just need to explain myself (not try to get her back, but we broke because I got cold feet and basically pulled the eject lever when drunk one night, which obviously pissed her off). I haven't gotten the chance to explain why I did what I did and don't want to do it on email or in a letter. Once I do that, I'm going NC indefinitely.

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