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So, I just needed to vent this morning- because in all honesty, my friends are tired of hearing about it. I saw a mutual friend of me and my ex last night.


Backstory: My ex and I have been broken up for close to ten months. In the end, he devalued me, blamed me for everything (continued to after the breakup) and never reached out. I was absolutely devastated. When I saw him out, he would walk right by me and never make an effort. He told me several months ago that he didn't want to get back together, so it was at that point that I snapped out of denial and accepted that it was truly over. I'm kind of annoyed it took me that long and I wasted so much time pining over this guy. I truly believed I saw something in him that others didn't see- I was his first serious girlfriend at 26.


So, last night, my friend and I were out and I told him that I didn't really want to hang around my ex. I'm trying to move on and every time I'm around him, he just confuses me by bringing up memories of when we were together. I still miss him every day and this has been a real struggle for me. My friend tells me, "look, he's moved on and he can do that (talk about our past) without feeling anything for you." Really? You have to tell me this? It's not like that wasn't obvious before- especially when he was able to drop me from his life and never look back. I saw him out recently and he didn't even acknowledge me once- even though I was standing 5 feet from him!


Plus, apparently he is a lot more outgoing now, which he never was when we dated. I'm so glad that my broken heart could help him become a cooler, more charming person.


Sorry all. I just needed to vent and write this out. Thanks!

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I know exactly how it feels seeing your ex. She broke up things 3 months ago. We started doing the whole NC like one month ago. I was actually feeling better until i saw her last week. I feel like it took me some steps back, all these emotions came back.. I miss her every day.


I still try not to think a lot about it. I convince my self that i will be ok. And i know it will. I have been improving since the break up. And some day Ill be moven on and happy without her


If you don't feel ready being close to him, i would say don't do it, it will hurt you seeing him. Take some time and I promise with time you will see him and won't feel hurt anymore.


All the best!

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