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I don't have character references.

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I was going to fill-out a job application, but I got discouraged from from applying, because it asked for 3 references, not relatives or former employers. The only job references I have now are my 3 supervisors from my current paid job and a supervisor from my past volunteer job. This job application wants character references. I have plenty of relatives, because I come from a large family, but I can't use relatives. I don't have friends or neighbors I know and trust, who could also help me by being a reference for an employer. Even if I did have friends or neighbors, I don't think they would feel comfortable being a reference for my job search, if they don't know how I would perform on a job. One time, when I was in college, I had this same problem, so I asked my math tutor if he could be my job reference and he reluctantly agreed. The only other way I can think of getting references like this, is making friends through clubs, but what if the employer finds-out your a member of a meetup group, for example, who he or she does not like? If I leave this reference section blank, then I wouldn't get a job interview.

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When I've been asked for character references, I've asked close friends, mentors (often people I work with but who are not my boss or supervisor), people I've done volunteer work with, that sort of thing.


Usually when someone provides a character reference, it's things like "how responsible is so and so", "what are so-and-so's strengths/weaknesses", "how does X handle stress", "describe X's personality", not stuff like "how good is he at spreadsheets and filing". I've felt comfortable asking friends whom I know think highly of me but also know me well, and who are responsible and care enough to spend time on the recommendation and write a good one, or speak at length over the phone if that's the situation.

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Nobody?? Well, that's interesting. You can always volunteer at some activity or organization, the more important the better. Make yourself invaluable, make some contacts, jot out a simple letter of recommendation (google has plenty) and have the grateful (labor was free) party sign it and there you go. It would be nice if you could attach their card to the letter.


I fixed a few firearms for a local Police Chief, gratis, and when I came back with my LOR request he tore it up and told me come back at closing time. I was pissed but his request intrigued me. I came back. He gave me a cherished LOR and had his crime scene photographer take a picture of us shaking hands. NOW THAT WAS A RECOMMENDATION! So use your imagination.

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I think the person from the volunteer job could count as a non-employer, because they weren't paying you.


You can probably use former COWORKERS as long as they weren't managers.. I did that once. I find it weird that they're asking for a bunch of people who weren't employers. In my experience, they've always insisted on all employers.

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