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Help Me Escalate


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One of my biggest problems over the years has been escalating the relationship with the person I've dating. I really struggle to increase the romance and most importantly get it to sex. I'm great at the first few dates of dating. I get a second date 90% of the time and if I get it to sex, the relationships I've had have taken off from there My biggest problem is it never reaching sex because I can't escalate it there. I lose a ton of relationships around date 5/6/7 Things just seem to level off. The fact that it gets that far to me proves there's something there but I'm failing to get it further.


I'm dating a girl I really like currently. She's just great. I can feel it levelling off already though as we haven't hung out in an intimate setting or had sex. Just some kissing and a little bit of making out. I really don't want to lose this one. She's the type of girl where I'm gonna have to be the guy escalating it. Some women are great and help out in that area but not this one.


Any tips to escalate this dating relationship?

Is it too much to ask for just me to make the moves in escalating it? She just seems content.

Maybe if it's just not naturally escalating, it's not meant to be?


Guys I hate this feeling. Being excited about having a great connection with someone. Wanting it to really take off, but instead it's just levelling off....

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She still hasnt invited you up? Man!


Yea, you just gotta push it to the limit, walk along the razors edge! I usually kiss and makeout and get her so riled up she just grabs my fun zone, then I know its go-time!... but if that isnt happening, hmm... Maybe you should tease her more, you know, get her juices flowin?


I always find it hotter when the woman cant help herself - actually, now that I think about it, I have not had experience with more reserved girls, and maybe that is what you have here.


Complicated. In the middle of making out, just grab her butt. Have you done this? It can be a very sensitive area that sends all sorts of sensations all over her body.

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