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Hey everyone! it's been a few months since I've been on here and I have been doing great!


Something weird has come up though, my ex's new "boyfriend" has been away at school and I've noticed shes been talking to me a lot more (even though we're still bestfriends and we do it normally Ive been getting mixed signals from her) and the other day something weird happened and I'm not sure what to make of it.


Basically she was having a bad day and I offered to Help her out with her Bio work since she is pre med and that stuffs crazy I'm sure some of you would agree and she came over my place and mid helping her she started "coming onto me" and I was really confused because shes seeing someone else but things got heated and kind of happened fast and well yeah...


We started getting intimate but stopped because it was weird and I really wasn't sure what to say to her shes never acted this way before... Hormones? Lonely? I have no idea.


We both kind of laughed and it was a bit awkward but then we were "back to normal".


We have been fine being friends with no conflicts for over a month now and I just wanted your guy's opinion on my situation, thanks.

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She was lonely and horny. You were available and she is comfortable with you. Does she still have feelings for you? Probably. Be careful though because you are playing with fire. The fact that she is seeing someone shows that her attention is divided and that she can be unfaithful.


Keep things cool between you but don't put yourself in any more situations where she could "come on to you" again.

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Alright will do, I appreciate it I'll just continue to be the friends we are. Not trying to give myself false hope but It seems she is stuck between us both and isn't sure what she wants. she told me recently she broke up with me because at the time things weren't going smooth but now that I'm completely different I can tell she likes it by the way she acts and talks to me. I could be wrong just my view on things.


Thanks again John

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