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1 month post BU update.


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Hey ENA, heres an update on my situation. For those who don't know my story you can read my threads. I've been feeling a lot better and trying to remain positive. I've been working out everyday and living a healthy lifestyle which definitely helps. We've been on NC for about 3 weeks but she texted me last Friday saying "Tell you mom happy birthday for me please I hope your doing well." For some reason it felt great to hear from her finally but at the same time it killed me because I was doing well with NC and i've been trying soo hard to keep to that and not tell her how much I miss and love her. I told her that i hoped she was doing well and that our situation really sucks. She said "Yea our situation does suck.." Despite being broken up with her I feel calm knowing that she still loves and cares for me and one day we'll be back together but there are just variables right now that are keeping us apart (Grad School & Distance). I've accepted the fact that our relationship is over but I know we'll be back together in the future just not now. I'm trying to get over her but both of us will always hold on to a part of each other. But otherwise I'm healing, slowly but surely.

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