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My gender identity


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It’s the first time I tell it. Nobody knows about it so far besides me.

Since I was as little as 5, I started getting crushes; it would not be a problem per se, but it was with people from my same gender.

I’ve a lot of crushes along my childhood and adolescence. However all of them were kind of platonic. Time to time me also felt a crush for some girls; but mostly they were just guys.

It was so until I was 25. Then some girl chose me and she determined to chase me. I didn’t like so much her at the first. But anyway we got a couple. Our relation lasted about one year but since then I never ever liked another guy. From there only I liked girls.

Now that time has went by, I’m married and father and it’s completely over. I’m sure I’m completely straight now. I just want to know if I was a weird or odd, or if it’s something that others have through too.



P.S. Excuse my mistakes. English is not my native language

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You're describing these same-sex crushes as platonic. That, your age when this occurred, and the fact that you've only been interested in women as an adult, lead me to believe this was probably a normal developmental stage for you, and had little to do with sexual preference.

Yes I know it. I always felt sexualy atracted only with women. But I wonder if there are others that went through this path. I want to know whether it's a common path for teenagers or I was a rare case.

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You are not a rare case at all. A lot of people take awhile to figure out what gender they are sexually attracted to. Some people are confused about their gender identity well up into middle age. Just be happy that you finally got it all figured out.


Thank you. I want to believe you. That gives me alleviate

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