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Hi new here and really need some advise please


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Hi all.. Thanks all in advance.. Been dating a guy for about 5 months. Most times if i have something i want to say i just get ignored because he doesnt agree and thats that.. He asks me always to stay at his place and im happy to. Normally he chooses evetything we are watching and i dont mind too much coz would be petty argument.


Today he had an hour before work and says well im going in to watch ....... Something he knows that i really despise. I asked why does he has to watch that now and not spend last hour with me. His response was no i want to watch ........ So what if u dont like it u can just cuddle up to me while i watch it.. I said thats not fair he knows i hate it why watch it while im here and i have no choice coz u accommodate at each others places and if you want to spend time together u cant just always have your way


He said "its my house my rules". Then wouldnt acknowledge my point just said we were arguing. If hes at my house because i want to spend time with him i do things together not just go do whatever i want without asking if he feels like it then turn around and say my house my rules dont like it go home.... Can anyone validate what im saying.


He also is emotionless unless hes drunk, doesnt like to kiss at all. Let me know he loves me and said he will never ever say i love u.. Advise please..... Thank you..

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