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Losing weight on a low budget and late shifts


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I have almost forgotten what full fat stuff tastes like, whenever I have it out it's so flavoursome. I'd rather not have it because then I might want more. I feel safer with the half fat stuff because they are more blant. I like garlic and onion too but I avoid it because of my job, I work with the public and don't want to smell of garlic.


I did a quiz some time ago about 'what kind of eater are you'. And the result was something like I don't care much. I eat to be full, doesn't matter too much what I eat. I won't choose burgers every day but at the same time I don't care much to look into nutritional combinations, I just want an easy straightforward approach. My best friend loves to cook, he takes pleasure in preparing a meal even just for himself. He'll go around looking for spices, trying new recipes. I am not like that.. I will cook if I am in a relationship and I enjoy it but when it comes to just me I'd rather be doing other things, arty stuff or watching something interesting.


You know how people say when you eat healthier, don't drink much alcohol, don't smoke, that you feel happier? I don't, I just feel restricted o_O When I can do whatever I want, eat and drink and smoke I feel great, the happiness I feel from the freedom gives me energy !

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Thank you, that sounds great ! I used to be obsessed with having the same meals at some point in my life. It was similar to what you describe in combination: layer of spinach, coconut basmati rice, mixed beans. If I had that for lunch I had a chesse and green pepper toastie for dinner. I ate that for 3 months. Before that I was eating something else for 2-3 months. Then I met a bf and one night he wanted to cook for me..I was distressed..I brought some of my spinach so I had something familiar (I pretended I brought the salad kinda thing). I started varying things because of that bf and the next.


During my obsession I loved going to the supermarket and knowing exactly what I'd get, 5 products that's it. But someone told me I shouldn't eat the same food all the time.


Thinking about it my addiction to pasta is the same..because I always have it with the same type of sauce. And sometimes it's been 4 times a week, the same dish.


Maybe I can do the same food for a week at a time. Thanks though, I feel like you set me free again


It's weird how I enjoy cooking when I am with a guy, like I really don't mind and I'm happy to try any cuisine.

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Google insulin resistance internal starvation.


You can be calorie deficient, but in the presence of elevated insulin levels, your body will not liberate fat stores for energy but rather break down protein (muscle) to synthesize glucose in the liver.


Since the OP is a self admitted pasta junkie, I would wager that even if she is calorie deficient day to day, she still suffers from insulin resistance.


She could lose weight on a calorie deficit, but it'll be muscle mass.

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You might not be really eating enough to lose weight. When you don't eat enough, your body goes into storage/starvation mode.

I would eat a smaller portion of pasta - a cup (cooked size, not dry size) as a side dish and cook it up with a homemade tomato sauce or veggies and olive oil or even oil and pepper. Don't eliminate foods that you love - just use portion control. Also, sometimes substitute with brown rice instead. I don't agree that you should eliminate grains, etc entirely because we need carbs too if you are already on a minimal diet anyways.. And think of it this way - if you love pasta, it is not a sustainable diet to maintain if you go cold turkey. But if you have a little bit instead of a heaping bowl, though.


keep in mind beans+corn make a protein when eaten together. Also, lettuce isn't that expensive, you can make a big salad with veggies or even put leftover meat or beans or tofu on it. Even sprinkle some cheese on it. Buy frozen or fresh veggies - never ever canned unless canned means a local person or relative canned them.


Cut out the bread and cheese sandwiches and buy some lean low sodium turkey from the deli. It is often cheaper per pound than cheese. You can buy some simple italian dressing, add olive oil and vinegar or add some hummus to jazz it up. Even some pepper also. Also, don't buy plain white bread - ever. You can even get a whole grain wrap.


I think you should put $5 a week away and buy staples with it - olive oil, red wine vinegar, pepper, red pepper flakes, stuff like that gradually because that will give you more options for flavor and cooking on the cheap.


Don't drink soda, and watch junky juices too. Apples bananas and fresh fruit are great for nutrition too - but do the fruit, not the juice that has too much sugar for the most part.


Get good at reading labels. I have found tomato sauce with 10 mg of sodium and 900 mg, and ditto with soup. Also, look up how to make a simple soup stock. its really cheap to make.

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It's all about calories in vs calories out. The only time any food will make you fatter regardless of what it consists of is if you ate more calories that day than you expended.


this isn't entirely true. You need calories for regular functions of the body. Just take what the calorie intake should be for someone of your gender and activity level - but then look at what it should be for someone 10-15 lbs lighter than you, etc, if your goal weight lets say is to lose 40 lbs and that is where you start. And then make adjustments as you go when your each each goal. Don't all of the sudden start eating for someone who is 50 lbs lighter, etc, because your body will go into storage mode.


And you need to up your exercise as you go to prevent your body going into storage mode also.

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When I can do whatever I want, eat and drink and smoke I feel great, the happiness I feel from the freedom gives me energy !


But it will not lose you the weight you want. If you want to lose weight, you have to take the time to eat properly, and sometimes that means not having what you want. If I could eat doughnuts everyday, I would be so happy. But I'd also not fit my pants. That's the trade off. Pants, but no daily doughnut.

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But it will not lose you the weight you want. If you want to lose weight, you have to take the time to eat properly, and sometimes that means not having what you want. If I could eat doughnuts everyday, I would be so happy. But I'd also not fit my pants. That's the trade off. Pants, but no daily doughnut.


True...as my mum says, everything comes at a price.


I was speaking to a colleague tonight and she said she had veggie curry for dinner. I have had curry 3-4 times in my life and always when I've been out.


This thread has made me question the lack of variety in my meals, thank you all for your input.

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Nothing you've said here provides any evidence at all that disproves what I said about calories in vs. calories out. Everything you said is true, but it doesn't change this simple fact:


If you consume less calories in a day than you expend (and by expend I mean expend, which includes regular functions of the body, you body goes to your fat reserves to get it. That's how you lose weight.


How you find those target numbers is debatable and none could ever be 100% accurate, but it doesn't change the fact that you need a deficit if your goal is to lose weight.

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If you burn more than you consume will lose WEIGHT.


This is not a guarantee that you will lose FAT.


Research how insulin works. Research glucogenisis. Research insulin resistance.


Calories in vs. calories out is merely scratching the surface of fat loss. ITs more hormonal than thermodynamic.

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Hi everyone,


I wanted to come back and tell you that I took on board all the good advice and I have lost 5lbs so far !


Truth is this has been possible because I had more money this month.


I have been eating more protein and fibre and veg. I have had vegetable soup quite a bit. I have turned my meals upside down eating more for breakfast and lunch and much less for dinner. I have pasta 2 times a week but brown pasta. I have also been having less of that 'half fat', 'no fat' stuff. Tried to motivate myself by watching a programme of some biker mates that try to lose weight.


I also started exercising a bit, 15 min in the morning..it's a start. I'll try and do twice a week and I'll try a dance class next Wednesday, I'll try cycling this Sunday with my roomate... I think I'm doing well yeah..? slowly but surely 8)

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