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Won't seemormtalk to my best friend for a year?


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Sorry for typo in the title using my ipad. haha. anywAy, my best friend Nd I are going on over 20 years of friendship best friends literally since birth. Se has travelled a lot since college. We is also very religious and does all the missionary stuff where she goes away to other states and stuff. This time she is half way accross the country for a year. I support her on what she does it just sucks that we don't talk at all when she is gone. I haven't talked to her since she left and the only time she is coming home this year is Christmas if that. Next year she will be in another country for a year also. We have that relationship where we go months without seeing eachother yet when we do hangout it's like we picked up where we left off Nd she was never gone.


Ever since she left for college she has gotten many ther friends which is cool with me bc I have a lot of other close friends as well. But it seems like she is more into being friends with them than me and makes an effort to talk to them via Facebook etc but never really me even though I try to once in a while make an effort to talk to her on FB. I know that just sounded like a teen thing to say but with so many years of being friends that's what it feels like and I don't want to lose her friendship. I know people change but can one really basically throw away 20+ years of friendship?


I also feel like only reason we r still friends and see each other is bc of our parents and families being close. I don't want to bring this up to her while she is away bc she has all the stuff going on win her missionary work. I'm not one who is religious (I believe in God Just don't go to church unless I'm staying at her house) I feel like that could be a reason why bc she is so religious and I'm not maybe that's why. But is it really worth throwing away 20+ years of friendship?


How do you deal with the distance of friendship bc it's only going to get worse whe. She leaves to another country. We both have cams/FaceTime but we have never used it. Mainly cause she is so busy. Just looking for some advice...is this relationship doomed or true friendship never dies kinda thing?

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I think a true friendship can overcome this type of situation. Maybe the fact that you are not the most religious person does affect a bit, but the roots of your friendship go way back like you say and nothing will change that. Also it seems you are very understanding and you TRULLY love her, so don't give up on this relationship. She may be busy with all this other things, but sometimes when you really love someone you have to be the one that makes the effort, and then hopefully when times change, the other person would do the same.


If I were you I would definitively tell my friend how much I miss her. It's hard to find true friends. True friends are a real treasure. And later on she will realize also what a wonderful friend you are regardless of your religious views, so don't give up

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