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Masturbation while a virgin?


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I'd love it if some girls could help me or give me advice please. I'm 18 years old & a virgin, never done anything with a guy. Completely inexperienced. I don't have any love interests and even if I did, I need to focus on school at the moment and get settled in before I make someone else a priority in my life.

Here's the thing, I do masturbate but I usually use a vibrator on my clitoris. I've never inserted and in fact, the only thing I've ever inserted was a tampon & that was in 6th grade.

I was somewhat active in high school, though not an athlete. I'm unsure if my hymen is intact or not.


But I do know I want to step it up a notch as far as masturbation goes. I still enjoy clitoral stimulation, but I would love to begin exploring other ways. I want to try using a dildo.


I'm scared that 1) It'll hurt and I'll somehow end up traumatized and 2) it'll hurt, yes I am a big baby and 3) I don't even know where to begin. I went to a local sex store and it actually became intimidating and overwhelming.


Can anyone give me some sort of logical advice? Any general recommendations? should I just steer clear of inserting anything?


the smaller the better? specific materials? just avoid it all together?


thank you so much for reading my nonsense lol

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Yes, if your hymen is still in tact, then using a dildo will hurt a little at first. However, its your body, and if you wish to break your hymen before actually having sex, you are free to make that choice (that's what I did).


If you have used tampons, there is a good chance it is already broken, or has broken in a little bit.


My suggestion would be to call around to a few sex shops in your area and ask if they carry "dilators". They are sold in different sizes, so you can start with a size you are comfortable with. It is best to chose one that is completely smooth and is made with medical-grade silicone. Be sure to also buy a toy cleaner to be safe (they are between 10 and 20 dollars). As long as everything stays nice and sanitary, you can work yourself into it safely.


Once you have used and gotten used to a dilator, you can start working up to something a little bigger than can offer you more pleasure.


I manage a sex store so I'm very familiar with a lot of the products that are out there. If you have any questions about particular products, feel free to PM me for more info

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lol my first experience was from putting in a tampon the wrong way and sitting down quickly (ouch!)


After that I used a long, thin, penis shaped bathsalt container. Being a lot younger, I was unaware of my options and not causious about sanitary issues, so it is good that the OP is looking into her best options.


Yes, breaking the hymen hurts. It is not pain-free. However, if she choses to break her hymen on her own (which many girls do), she can ease into it at her own pace. It's better that way than having a painful first time with a man IMO.


Hairbrush? ummmm that sounds like an unclean ouch! lol

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