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Does anyone know what this dream might mean....

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I have some idea, but here is the dream and its one my boyfriend had the other night not me.


" I went to get my nails done and he had nowhere to sleep so we slept in the nail salon (I actually did get my nails done Sat and told him Sunday night the night he dreamed). Then we left the salon and a skunk was chasing both of us" now i read that skunk represents a fear of driving someone away, and also an avoidance of a situation" I know of two family related situations that occurred lately, and Sunday night we got into a little argument because I felt he wasnt paying alot of attention to me.


Any ideas? not taking it TOO literal, I just have always been facinated by dreams.

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The representation of the skunk is significant when interpreting this dream. BUT, you being in the dream has no meaning behind it.


From what I have researched and learned, when we dream about a person, it typically has nothing to do with them. People in our dreams are representing something, but usually don't represent the person themself.


For example, I dreamed once that I woke up in a bed with one of my close friends, and she was dead. Her being dead in my dream signified that she cares genuinely for my wellbeing. I also dreamed of being in a car and having a meaningless conversation with the same friend. In this dream, her significance deminished. The significance would relate to the fact that I was having a casual conversation while driving a car (driving a car means you have complete control over a situation in your life).


I hope this all makes sense lol. Basically, you were just a familiar placeholder in his dream. Sometimes the people in our dreams represent certain emotions, certain situations, and so on, but very seldom do they actually represent themselves in our dreams.

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