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In a relationship but worried that it wont work!


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So im new to this forum and have never done one before! (if i make any spelling mistakes and miss out letters its because my keyboard is playing up just to let you know)!

Anyway, i got with this boy and it all seemed like really perfect, we had so much in common and i truly thought id found my soulmate! we couldnt go a day without speaking to eachother but things quickly turned nasty and messy after we had sex for the first time.. near the end of the relationship id found out that hed often lied to me and his foster parents (hes a foster kid) which made things extremely diffiuclt, after id found out he'd been lying to me his and my mothers relationship became quite tense and this made the relationship a lot harder to peace together.. eventually we broke off and i told him i didnt want anything to do with him because it was easier and i moved on a few months later getting with someone id been with previously.. this broke his heart and i dont blame him, but hed started to make nasty rumours about me saying i was pregnant etc...

fast forwarding the best part of a year forward and we started to talk again.. we've started to date eachother again for a few months although my mother doesnt like it, but lately ive been worried that its not going to work and if we split up again itll be similar to last time (if not worse)! i really do love him, but i cant help but worry that hes lying or not telling me the full truth.. i also wonder if im in too deep and dont know what to do! im 16 and he'll be 18 in January (2013) which isnt really a massive difference!

i could really do with some advice! do i end it now and get out incase it doesnt work, or do i stick it out and continue to be happy? HELP!

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