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All I can say is REALLY?


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A little back round on the situation. All of these people I will talk about live at a small boarding school. So we all live together for most of the year. This is my second year and the guy I am "dating" its his first year. I really like him and he likes me. BUT! He also like 2 other girls. These girls are really pretty, sexy and all around have a perfect body. Their personalty however is on the extreme end of crazy. He, lets call him Saywer. Saywer is a sweet caring guy. I love the fact that I was able to tell him some scary **** and have him respect me. Over this past weekend when we were going to make it official I saw him with one of the other girls. I confronted him later on and he said that he dose not look at them with the possibility of a relationship with either of them. In the end of that conversation he said he likes me because I fit all of the personalty traits he wants and I am attractive. The thing that gets me is he did not say that he did not like them or did not have any interest in dating them. He said, "I gave up on the idea of a relationship with them." Am I just over thinking this or is it a problem?

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