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Absence of period due to Masterbation

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This will be my first time EVER coming out about this issue,and I love how I can express myself on here and no one judges you...thank you! Okay so at the tender age of ten i hit puberty quick! I started masterbating,which is normal for kids but usually it stops. I am now 22 and I still do it. Maybe even more. It went from once a month to two or three times a week! I don't think anything is wrong with masterbating because at least I don't have to worry a out Std's or pregnancy. If your wondering have I been sexually active? Yes,with two past boyfriends. I'm very insecure with my body so I'd much rather do myself you know! Your probably thinking ok wheres the problem! Well when I was younger I'd master bate right before my menstral cycle and it would then skip that month and proceed the next. I didn't think anything of it as my body is going through horomonal changes. As I grew older my menstral cycle will skip two months depending on how many times I masterbated before the expected date of my period is suppose to arrive. I have not been vocal about this because I'm sooo scared that something is internally wrong with me. I fear doctors,because you always walk out with a bigger situation. I'm afraid that as I age the masterbating will get worse! Idk maybe I need a man! I tried to google my problem but there's nothing like it or anyone for that matter! If anyone has any knowledge regarding this matter I'd really appreciate it. thank you!

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Masturbation will not affect your period. And even if it did, I doubt you do it enough to effect that.


If you are worried about your period cycles you really need to speak to a doctor.


Agreed. Masturbation will not effect your cycle. I really think before you engage in any more sexual activity you really need to do a lot of reading and research. Educate yourself, planned parenthood can give you a ton of information. Any thing you read/hear about, confirm it with a reputable source such as PP, the mayo-clinic, etc.

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Materbation, and doing it from a young age, has absolutely nothing to do with your cycle. It sounds like a coincidence when your period skips a month.


I've had friends with irregular cycles and this was usually attributed to poor diets, lack of vitamins and/or enzymes, too much physical exercise or lack thereof, or developmental issues. Typically, this irregularily can be corrected by a change in diet, increased (or decreased) exercise, and going on a mild birth control pill in order to regulate the cycle.


Don't you worry - having sexual pleasure has no cause or effect on your period.

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