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struggling with this NC!!


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I've been NC for 5 days now... I know it doesn't seem like a lot but it's the longest we've gone without talking. I want to talk to him so bad, but I know nothing good with come out of it. I've always gone back after a few days all the other times, so I'm guessing he probably still thinks I'll run back again.


I hate this

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Well if it helps, alot of us went through the hell and some of us are still making their way through it. You can either jump in and swim like hell or let the waters of hell hit your toes and jump back out, wondering where the damn bridge is. No bridge. Jump in and you'll see a bunch of us waiting for you. Good luck.

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If your ex already expects you to break down again like last time and contact him, are you gonna give him that satisfaction?


That's what I keep remembering! I want him to take me seriously this time. In our relationship I was always the one to call first/run back and when we broke up I was always the one to contact first or cut him out then talk to him again


I definitely want to stick to it, I guess it'll get easier with time! I wonder though if he'll end up contacting me after a while, or maybe he'll just forget LOL

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Yea in your case I would keep up the NC. Who broke up with who? I'm a couple weeks out of a 7 years relationship and I've been doing NC for about a 3 weeks now and it is still very hard, but it gets easier day by day.


It was mutual, but a week and a half later we 'tried' for almost two days but it just didn't work so we were done for good. I think we both decided that too. Although it does feel like I've been the one whose been dumped, he just doesn't seem like he wants anything to do with me friend wise or relationship wise. I definitely feel like he dumped me even though I guess we both agreed.

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