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Looking too friendly


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.but I have too much passion, too much life, all that life entails the good and the bad.


I feel this way about myself and i have had issues with attracting men, well not attracting per se, I attract a lot, but then they become afraid, or think i am too much woman, or that they are not cool enough or can't handle me.


I just think it is important to stay positive, improve yourself, learn new things and always have something interesting to say. I am also multifaceted and have many contradictions. i think some people are not able to see that people are unique and no one is a stereotype. People have complex personalities, some people are the status quo but i think most are not. I think it is easy to see someone a certain way and assume that that is all they are. People do it all the time, someone does something awful and you automatically assume they are always terrible, and are then surprised when they do something really nice. There is no black and white, but people get hung up on it, it is something that my own personality has allowed me to see in others, i know i am multifaceted, so whenever i meet someone I know i am only seeing one side of them, at that moment, but in another moment, they may be very different. I think it helps me be to be able to keep an open mind about things and more accepting, but also more cautious around people.

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