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Grandma passed away yesterday... :---(


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My grandma has been battling health issues for many years and a few years back doctors said that she only had about 1 to 2 yrs to live. She over came that and managed to live a lot longer then what was told. Well, in July of this year, she was diagnosed with leukemia and her health began to decline. Doctors said she had about 3 to 6 months max to live and she has been in and out of the hosptial over the last couple of months. She went into the hositpal last weekend and was sent home on Thursday for hospice care. I get a call from my dad telling me that she may only have a couple days left and if I wanted to see her before she passed. I went to go see her yesterday and she was in a state where she may or maynot wake up. Her kidneys were shutting down and it was causing fluid to go to her lungs. So each time she took a breath it sounded like gargling mouthwash.


After being there for an hour she past away in the afternoon. It was really hard and exhausting honestly to lose a family member. I know she isn't in anymore pain and that she is in a better place now. I feel sad that she is gone and ok to know that she is with the angels now. My mind feels to heavy and not able to focus to much at work today. Guess I feel a bit of shock that she actually is gone.

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