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She says marriage, he's on a dating Web site


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A guy I work with, we'll call him Jacob, just recently got his g/f a job were we work. In the past, Jacob has asked me over to his house, out to lunch many times, would put stuff in my pockets, give me compliments etc. Initially, he denied having any attachments to this girl. Apparently, they've been on and off for about 10 years now. Since she's started working there, she's been telling everyone that they're looking at getting married in the future and have talked about having kids, etc. Just a few days ago, I found that Jacob has an active account on a dating site that says he's single and looking for friends and long/short term dating. The last time he was on was yesterday. I'm going through a divorce and he asked me what it was like to be married because he said he thought it would suck. I didn't really get to answer him because work closed early today and we had to go. A friend of Jacob's told me that this girl told him that he didn't invite her to a co-worker's bar-b-q because I was going to be there. This guy's conversations are usually about sex or actresses he finds hot. There have been times at work that he jokingly said, "I'm secretly in love with you." and the other day I had to leave and he said, "Be careful. I love you!" I laughed it off, but am I right in thinking this guy is creepy? Could he have just forgotten to update his status on the site because it doesn't really matter, you know, like, he'll just tell a girl he's with somebody? Also, I asked him if he was excited about starting a life with her and he said, "It's better than being 40 and not having any money or being alone. Also, we don't want to kill each other which is a big deal."

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