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I want to become a drug/alcohol abuse counselor. Am I too old to get started?


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I am 22...will be 23 in just a few short weeks. I went to college in 2009, but it was just to get my CNA. I did that for awhile, but it just didn't work out. I don't regret it, a great learning experience! I've been telling myself that I need to go back to school, I don't even have my generals yet. Right now I am just working part time in retail. It's good for a bit, but I cannot live on what I am making. I am still living with my parents. My true passion is film making and dance. I REALLY want to study these, but at the same time, I want a more stable career to fall back on. Another passion of mine is helping people. I want to make a difference. I feel very strongly about helping people who struggle with addiction. I have an uncle who passed away when I was younger from a heroin overdose. I had a cousin who passed away from an addiction to pills. I know a lot of young people who have died from an overdose and it just breaks my heart. My boyfriends stepbrother committed suicide because his addiction to drugs was so bad. Then there is my big brother. He's been an addict for almost 10 years now. I've lived with him this entire time. I've seen him at his lowest points. It has really affected my family. I found him unconscious once. It was absolutely terrifying. He's done every drug out there, but his main choice was heroin...I am proud to say he is now 6 months sober and on his way to getting his life back.


I really want to help addicts and their families. What should I do? Go back to school and get a degree in psychology? I know that will be very hard and will take years. I almost feel too old to barely start. I really want to study acting and dance, but at the same time get a degree that will help me towards a career in substance abuse counseling. Where do I start? School is so expensive. Do I start at a community college then transfer to University?


If anyone has any information or advice, I would really appreciate it I really want to be back in school by next summer at least...

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You should volunteer at a shelter, and see what it's like. IF you really want to make a difference, it starts with your community. Not by getting some piece of paper that says BSc. Psychology. In my opinion, that kind of thinking is more for financial pursuit, and that's not what it's all about. That's how I feel about it. You don't need an education to help people. Most drug/alcohol abuse counselors know first hand what it's like, and that's why their message is so powerful, cause they actually know. You're also going to meet a lot of resistance.

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Hey your not to old, im 23 studying electrical enginnering first week of school, and theres older people in my classes, made me feel good. Plus girls think I'm a freshman, I think they just want to talk to me lol, but anyways getting into drug counseling is good. A friend just graduated in psycology and now is taking a drug rehab course, hes been to work shops local, out of state, and attend AA, NA twelve steps meetings which is the basis of rehabilitation.


If you want to help an addict respond to my last post about the lifestyle called "cant stop thinking so many thoughts" its just my personal struggle with drugs and I need advice, over 100 people read it and no replys, i asked around here on campus, and the girl i asked told me nobody is responding because I sounded conseded....


anyways go to school, enjoy it, you only live once..

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