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Having met my lovely other half on holiday I arranged to meet up with him on the return to the uk. He's 28 and its a relationship that I am not used to in anyway shape or form. Little things like taking me out, holding doors open etc.he has his own holiday park and is business orientated but always makes time for me.. the thing is he tends to spoil me rotton won't let me pay for anything and it unsettles me somewhat how can I approach him without being rude and what do I say so he can understand my point of view on things? He's also given me a house key and told me to come round whenever I fancy hoping that one day il move in with him? Again what do I do about this? It mean moving miles away from home my friends and everything I know..

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Sometimes I have to organize my thoughts in lists... so here is my list of thoughts...


- 21-28 is not really much of an age gap in my mind. A 3-4 year difference is extremely common - so at 21, I would expect you to date someone who is 24-25. 28 is really not far off from that.


- While it's not much of an age gap, at 28 he is probably (getting) set in his career whereas I would expect you to be more of a student. If he wants to spoil you rotton - let him spoil you rotton. It would be nice if you got him a little something in return or insisted on paying for something - but don't stress too much about it or think you have to "compete".


- For the moving in part - how long have you been dating? If you are not comfortable with this idea, you need to put on the brakes.

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