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1st time sex with a girl im dating. Ladies opinions welcome more than ever!


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The above happened this weekend, completely out of the blue and something I just didnt see coming.


So we arent a "couple" (see my previous thread for history) but each time we see each other its becoming more and more so. Friday night we went on a double date with mutual friends of ours to the cinema, after that I went back to hers and watched a film then just out of nowhere it happened, we ended up having sex.


After it i think the pair of us were a bit "did that really happen" and both of us questioned if we should have even done it like 1 month in to "hangingout/dating/whatever" We both agreed neither of us regretted it.


I saw her the next morning and we went out shopping, holding hands and being like a couple, we talked about the previous night and how out of the blue it was, we both said we enjoyed it and had no regrets. Ended up having a fantastic day and then went back to hers for a bit..... ended up having sex again, this time it didnt feel like sex, it was passionate, looking into each others eyes etc. She was going out with her friends so i didnt stay long after but she was teasing saying she didnt want to go and "wanted to stay laying here with you forever"


Something has changed between us since then, personally I feel closer to her, I think she feels the same.


Of course every girl is different but, would having sex like this draw you closer to someone, or make them think its "only a bit of fun" and its just sex.


Im just worried that it may have meant more to me than it did to her.

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Depends on the people involved. Personally, sex draws me closer to a guy, even a guy I wasn't really into prior to sex. But all girls are different, just as all humans are different. You just have to trust a combination of your gut feeling and what she says. Otherwise, what's the point? You can't change what's already happened. Speaking of which, why do you think you are questioning this at all? What has changed, exactly? What is your gut telling you?


Also, it's helpful (and empowering) to remember that having sex doesn't "just happen." It's the result of a conscious decision that two people make.

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My gut feeling is good, she text as soon as I got home, we've been in cotnact ever since.

Im just a terrible over thinker and analize even the best situations to try and find something negative. I hate that part of me.


Nothing has suggested at all it meant more to me. I suppose its from my own personal past where ive had sex with a girl and it hasnt meant anything.

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