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Did I blow my chance?


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I just had a job interview and am feeling very nervous after the fact. I was nervous during, but think I answered the questions okay, and I was friendly. I seemed to get a good response from the interviewers as well. I was told about pay rates and benefits, and that all those interviewed would be called back whether they got the job or not in about two weeks. They said they interviewed all last week, and have plenty of spots to fill. On my way out, I said "nice to meet you to everyone," then one man walked me out. As I left out the door, I said bye and was focused on saying bye to a man I know working at the front desk. The man who walked me out said "nice to meet you" as I left, but I was saying "bye Gary!" to the front desk person.


And that was it. I was very friendly otherwise and talked with the man as he walked me out. But I didn't say nice to meet you back. I was nervous still and scattered walking out. I hope they don't think I was rude. I'm kicking myself...


What do you think?

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Thanks. I'm sure I'm over-thinking. The only thing now is that they told me to contact them if I have questions. I'd like to send a thank you email for the interview, but don't know any of their email addresses. It's a big company and I don't even know the interviewers last names. Unless I send it through the generic recruiting email I applied too and they'll redirect it...? Bah.

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I don't think that you were rude. They probably didn't notice that you said bye to the other guy and not the one who was walking you out. Especially if they've had multiple interviews in that day, interviewers wouldn't notice that small detail. It sounds like the interview was fine. I can't tell from your description if you got it or not, but it doesn't sound like anything bad happened.

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