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Emotional overload, housing options????


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I have a lot of random feelings going through me right now so I thought I would post here. I want and sort of need to find affordable housing that would allow me to maintain visitation with my daughter, I have seen better days with my mom and really need to figure out an way out of this situation. I have a temp job, I'm disabled because of my mental health which is stable at this moment but could have a relapse at any time of great stress, which would be if I'm on my own and cannot afford the basics, which is one of my huge fears because it has happened to me. She says she cannot afford to stay here any longer, and I cannot afford the house payment on my own, though I wish I could because it's comparable to market rate rent and a nice sized house. I just don't know if I have any options honestly besides the current situation.


Another thing on my mind is my daughter told me her classmates mother died suddenly last week and followed it up by saying she doesn't know what she would do if her dad were to die. So I eased her fears but felt a little jealous because no thought of me seemed to come through and she has no idea how hard I have fought my suicidal tendencies because I felt she needed her mother. Yes he's her main caretaker because I broke from stress and ex MIL was there to pick up the pieces and her son (the dad) got custody. My fear is breaking again.


I cannot seem to get a descent paying job, I'm struggling hard through the insurance classes and everyone who knows me well has little faith I can do the job, including myself because if it's like telemarketing I'm going to be out faster than they can say she quit!? The economy sucks, or else people just suck because my mom is going through renters like flies and without them she seems to think she cannot afford her mortgage, she has two other income sources but she has major bills, some her doing others are necessary part of life.


I'm honestly scared I won't be able to survive on my own, I have proved in the past that it is a problem for me. When I was young I could room with friends, boyfriends, etc. Now I'm older I haven't got those options, at least no boyfriend to share housing with at this time. Since that's a major thought any suggestions?

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