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Dating after being married 24 yrs stinks!


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Well, there are other things you can do to meet people - depending on your interests/hobbies. There may be clubs or meet-up groups that have single women you could meet. Also, it might help if you put it out there to friends that you are open and ready to meet eligible women.


I am not sure of your interests but here are some ideas: a hiking group (maybe through REI or Mazamas or link removed), a book group (through your local library), community art classes (photography, painting, pottery), a hip-hop dance class or other genre that is not paired... A cooking class, yoga, Tai Chi, the gym, a choir, a local sports booster club.


Also I bet you would meet plenty of women through volunteering such as for the scouts, for your church or synagogue, for local schools, for kid mentoring program, through your local animal shelter, local kids sports programs.


I am not saying you should be on the prowl at these activities because that would put women off. But, while you are enriching your life and others' lives, you will naturally meet some new people along the way. Some of which will be eligible women.


In time you will also find that the time you have had alone was productive and healing (at least let's hope). You will not attract a healthy woman if you are not in a good place yourself. So use this time to continue to heal and work on yourself.


Don't stay home and wallow. You won't meet anyone that way.

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