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What makes her just stop


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Was dating this girls for a short time and we did sleep together too soon, but we have great chemistry. She is a bit hot headed and I'm the opposite. It seems the last few weeks when she gets stressed out with work she can't do anything else. Last week she asked for some help and I went over to her house for a couple hours and helped her with some of her work, end of month bookkeeping. I left, kissed and made plans for a date Friday night. I called her and she didn't respond the next day, then that afternoon she texted and said was busy with work and stayed up late. Cool I can understand that, but it just felt weird. I texted her back just saying cool and hi. Two days passed and nothing, so I texted and said I'm here if you want to talk. No response. And Friday came and went with no date. I also noticed Thursday night she was on a dating site (we met online). She hasn't called or responded to my text 2 days ago.


We got along great and had great chemistry. What makes someone stop so quick without any communication and no warning signs?

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I think you are asking the wrong question. IF you want to stop wasting time/emotional energy in dating, take time to get to know women and don't continue dating if you find any unpredictability (e.g. hotheadedness).


Don't let attraction/chemistry cloud your common sense.


This. Totally.

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