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What Should I Do.


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Im try to break it down.


Me and my ex was dating for 2.5 years we had our ups and downs like every couple but we was good never cheated always true to each other. Over the summer early June while we was together she just got cold and distant out of nowhere it started bugging me and i asked if she still wanted to be together she said "no not really" so we ended things. Something told me to give her, her space and let her enjoy summer it was 3 weeks after the break up before she contacted me again had a convo for two days she was very hot then after she got cold and distant again. So i went back to NC we talked little to none between July and August. So September rolls around i decided to text her a message saying "Hey hope everything is good, i love and miss you. Take care" her reply was "I love and miss you but we would never be the same" after that was said a week go by no contact since then she randomly calls me i didnt answer so she texted me "can you call me please" i didnt reply cause im sticking to NC but in my mind i told myself if she randomly calls me again tomorrow i'll answer and she did i answered and her words was " just wanted to say I miss you" she texted me after i hung up we talked for a little and she randomly says "i still love you" but i eventually didnt get to carried away so i ended the convo..her aunt had messaeged me on facebook and was like "i was talk to her (my ex) she looked sad i asked what was wrong she said she missed you". next day she texted to see if i was at work i told her no she goes "awe i was going to come and see you"... then a little convo i ended not to get carried away...... then the next day was the homecoming game she texted me asked if i was going i said "yes" she rplied "good " she saw me she ran and gave me one of those huggs where you catch her, had a little convo then she went to watch the game, close to half time she asked if i could meet her at the bathroom i did she did not say a word she just walked up to me and hugged me, long and tight i tried to pull away but she hugged me tighter. the hug was nearly 3 minutes long. after went and did my own thing close to middle of the 4th she asked me o come and sit with her i did she started talking about how she gets asked everydday about me and her and what not. she started flirting i was sitting bbeside her bbut i eventually moved one spot behind her and when i did she told somebody to slide down and she sat betwwn my legs. close to end of the game i randomly disappeared she found me and ran and grabbed my hand and said come with me and from that time til she left she didnt let my hand go...................................... we havent talked since right now im just confussed cause she goes from "we want be the same" to "i miss you" im just stuck in a place where idk what to do, should i keep playing it safe and wait for her or what i really need help

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Do not contact her; she is being weak and indulging the part of her that wants to be all lovey-dovey familiar with you, but trust me, it will stop once she gets some other dude knocking on her door. Stop waiting for her, move on, make yourself a better person, completely separate from her.


Let it be. Walk away; just turn around, and walk away. It hurts man, I know, but it will get better.

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