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Why am I not normal?


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I don't know why am I so weird!?!

I dont feel normal at all. I have totally different emotions and feeling than others which i find normal.


I find myself confused. My thought process is hay wire. Concentration is low. 5 mins I am into something and the next 5 minutes i am into something else. This is affecting me very much. I forget things. Don't perform. I am doing a educational course. and I find myself getting dumber day by day.


I am in presence of people who are confident. In this kind of company, I find my confidence getting lower. Why is that!


People around me arent much receptive to me, but they are best of friends with my roomates. Inferiority complex it is?


I am weird/different/junk. I dont know. I have mood swings, and very frequently.


I want to live a normal life. With confidence. I am trying hard day by day. ANybody with similar situation..!? what should i do to rectify this!

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I have a friend who has expressed the same kind of feelings as what you describe. He has been to counselors and been diagnosed with ADD and depression. He was on medication for a while (I'm not sure what it was) and he said it helped tremendously! I'm sure your school has a counselor or mental health clinic where you can get some advice. I hope you feel better soon.

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