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OMG just realized I'm still in love with him 10 months later.........

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What should I do?


All the feelings came back once we talked for the past few days. I am going through some tough times in life and he was there to listen and being such a supportive friend after all those ups and downs we had for the past 10 months after our break up. We almost hated each other but now I still feel the butterflies when I see him.


The sad thing for me is he likes another girl but he hasn't taken any actions yet since that girl is like pulling a thread on him. I have a feeling that she's just playing his heart since she hasn't got any other guys on hand to like her and he's the only one....


I don't think he misses me but he had shown some interest in me like on and off since a couple months ago. A month ago, he asked me if I still have feelings for him and admitted he's still attracted to me. But he changed all those stuff he said in a week saying that he still likes that girl and was just feeling flirty that day. He only had a small crush on me.


He was really into our convo the other night and we were talking about getting together to spend some special time together. Then he changed his mind because he said he doesn't want to hurt his buddy's feelings who really likes me.


I'm so desperate to hear his voice, see his face and read his texts... he has slowed down on texting and I don't know what I should do...


Should I not text him at all or should I just try to be his friend to care and love him and wait or should I tell him I still love him?


Any advice?


BTW, he's the kind of guy that will totall focus on you once he's in love with you but trusting someone is a big process for him. He plays out stuff with lots of thoughts and he's really cautious. Also, he's stubborn like a pig, so I don't think I have a chance or if I have, only a slim one.... He used to love me like crazy but we were too young and couldn't handle the demanding love, it tumbled and fell....but I miss him so much now.....

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Honestly he may not want to ruin what you two have obviously salvaged as a friendship after the breakup by making a move. Start talking about good memories around him about the relationship, see how he feels about looking back at the past with you.


I did talk to him about the past and he seemed really into it but I don't think he wants a relationship with me though, I guess.... It might be too hard for him since he's really jealous and I am very outgoing. But I'm sure he is still attracted to me because he hinted he wouldn't go for the girl and wanted a no-string attached relationship with me.. sort of like a friends with benefits. I don't want a serious relationship either because of the drama, effort that I can't afford during HS. Should we go for it since HS love is never lasting anyways and we both tried it... and the main point is we are still attracted to each other... any advice?

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