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My ex borrowed my sons bike from my house for his gf!

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Well the title says most if it. I was doing a football parking fundraiser for my sons' scouts and he called me on my cell. He wanted to borrow my bike for his gf so they could ride to the football game. I had 5 cars to park but I was completely flabbergasted! I told him they all have flat tires ( the truth) and that I had to hang up (also the truth).


I thought that was the end of it but when I was giving my older son a ride home to his dad's (they are there this week) I found out that my 12 year old son gave them "permission" to borrow my son's bike -RIGHT out of MY garage!


Ugh I hope he didn't let her into my house...


And I want to go to bed but the game isn't even over and now I'm worried that they'll let themselves in while I'm in bed.


He has a key to the house and knows the security code because we share custody and sometimes the kids forget to bring things like homework and medicines... But NOT for helpung himself to things in my garage...


Just had to vent


Thanks for listening

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maybe you can change the code, and whenever the kids are locked out they can call you and you can give them the code, then change it again.


I don't blame you for not feeling safe while sleeping. I'd be worried of him coming in too.


It is disrespectful of him to call and ask that and then go in your garage and also put your child in that position.


It's such a weird request to borrow your bike... he is being a jerk


change the code! if your kids need to get in they can ring your doorbell then you can sleep with a peace of mind.


I just saw he has a key... if he gets in the house with it call the cops! at least thats what I'd do. good luck

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Yes, time to change the lock and the code! If you must, hide a key outside somewhere in case of an emergency. Most divorced couples do not have keys to each other's houses regardless of the circumstances unless they get along really well and are respectful of each other.


Your ex just showed you he is NOT respectful of your wishes, so he shouldn't have access to your house.

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