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HI everyone. I've been doing ok since the BU but tonight, I feel a bit of anxiety, lots of palpitations. Let's pray for one another so we can get through this. I'm trying to take it one day at a time.... thinking of months down the road is just too overwhelming


*HUGS* my break up was bad enough without anything like you have described!


It will get better, may not seem like it right now. Time is the biggest healer!

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Thanks CupidMissMe.

It was a reaction to a VERY realistic dream i had.

I dreamt he had been cheating on me with another more beautiful woman.

In the dream, he brought her to me and told me he had been with her for 21 months. We only broke up a month ago.

So of course i start freaking out. Woke up in an awful state.


I hate it when minds play tricks like this with us.


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CupidMissedMe, i hear ya. I'm struggling massively today. My thoughts are of him permanently. What is he doing, who is he with, is he thinking of me etc and so on.

I'm sorry you had a bad moment on your way to work. I hope things get easier for you.


MasterPro - Thanks for the message. Helps. I know things will be ok eventually. I keep telling myself that. I keep telling myself it's for the best and a blessing in disguise, but i guess it's still too soon for me to be healed.

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