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I have a friends with benefits that its really working because I've developed feelings during the past 6 months.


I have a party on Friday that he is meant to be my plus one at - should I go alone


We are booked to go away for a night the week after - should i go alone for that too


I know I need to cut all contact with him but its hard and I'm not sure if the plans we have should play out and then cut the contact

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I know it would be difficult, but try to follow up on the plans you do have. They are kind of like promises. That would clear the room better for a clean exit. At least finish what you have to finish first. It's going to take a tremendous amount of courage, but if you really feel as you do and you need space, it's okay to run after you have kept your promises.

Should it be too emotional for you to handle, confront them and explain the situation if need be so they at least understand the reasoning behind you needing to bail out. Only you know your true limits.

just keep your feet on the ground.

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Thanks, I'm so unsure about what to do. He doesn't want a relationship and I do. We do everything that couples do bar being a couple.


I have good willpower thankfully and hopefully will manage through the next two weeks snd these events then break all contact with him. There's not a chance of him getting in touch first so that's not to bad

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