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For those who dont know my story, the breakup was a month and half ago, been NC for almost a month. I have her blocked on social media. I opened up instagram today and there she was all dressed up, make up, hair, etc looking beautiful and happy on her roommates picture feed.


Dunno why but just seeing her picture brought back all of the emotions, and for the first time in a month im laying in bed crying.. All because of a photo

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I had this moment, literally in a ball in bed, crying my eyes out/passing out. All day. I hate triggers like that, that you dont see coming. Just one thought sometimes, and I'm gone. It's ok- it's healing, you need to see it, acknowledge it and get it out eventually, right? I think the next time you see a picture like that, your reaction will be less and less...


I also deleted my SocialMedia- hated it anyway, and right now it felt necessary, not to dwell, (or stalk lol). Huge weight off the shoulders. And it's prob not forever, but flying under the radar- to rebuild & resurface feels like a fun little goal (I also had him blocked, but his friends remained) Sending you some positive vibes... remember that you can't read a book by it's cover... and you have no idea what's boiling underneath. We never post the splotchy faced, swollen eyed pics right? And on the outside I bet your profile looks pretty awesome too...

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That's the problem with social media. It hinders our progress to let go and move forward. We get constant reminders thrown in our face.

I'm lucky my ex doesn't use Facebook or any social media, but his friends do and so do mine.

I've had to remove certain friends so i can't see anything on my news feed. I've also had to remove myself from their band page which updates regularly.



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