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Is she disinterested or just a slow mover?


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I've went on 5 dates with this girl but really only known her 2 weeks. We kissed on the second date. The kissing is great. Any sort of affection is always initiated by me though. She doesn't initiate anything. She is definitely a more quiet and reserved person and is not overly flirty. Is she just not affectionate with me or in general, I don't know. This has made it hard to progress things with her. I always pick her up and drop her off. I've done it on all dates but the first one, so obviously the night finishes by her place. She never invites me in to her place. I'd like to spend some time with her in a more intimate atmosphere to advance the relationship a bit. I really like her and want her for more than just sex, so it's not like I only want sex. I'm a solid guy.


Despite the negatives there are positive indicators of interest. We really get along well. Like really well. She's told me she loves my company and I make her feel comfortable. She also makes time to hang out with me even when she is busy. Not huge stuff but she still keeps wanting to go out...so far...


Is this odd that I'm still not being invited up?

Is 2 weeks too soon?

Would it be pushy of me to indicate that we should hang out in her place for a bit?


I really like this girl and I just don't want the relationship to die because we are never in more intimate setting. I will continue to keep seeing her because she is worth it regardless.

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Two weeks? Relax dude.


Im on a month with this really special girl, but I dont mind because I know she is so worth it, and really, sex is just like the cherry on the sundae - there is so much more underneath.


Yes, I know you may be suffering from blue balls (ouch), but DO NOT invite yourself up; she will when SHE is ready. Enjoy.

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Do not push too hard. Continue dates as is, mix it up with different venues (e.g. museum, park, hiking, coffee shop, make it a double date, etc.) She will invite you up when she's ready. For some girls that's 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, or waiting till marriage.


Don't be like all the other guys who think with the little head first. Instead, show her that you like her as a person more than you like her body and what it can do for your lust.

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