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How To Reignite Lost Feelings In A ...
How To Reignite Lost Feelings In A Relationship

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Me and my gf broke up yesterday after 8 months i love her so much and she said she loves me, but she says i get possive and jelious how can i win her back and show her my love. I was scared of loosing her during the relationship thats prob why i felt jelious or possissive. But i love her so much i need her in my life. she said she loves me so much but im pushing her away and she cant take it anymore. someone please help me i need this girl.

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Your ex-girlfriend is a smart girl for getting out now.


She expressed what she was feeling in the relationship by making it clear to you that although she cares for you she knows that your relationship was extremely unhealthy. Why do you "NEED" this girl?? NEEDING her to make you feel happy, loved, worthy, (etc) is a sign that you a) need professional help for your severe emotional & esteem problems b) should deal with your control issues c) you DON'T love her. You don't LOVE her, and this is why:


Ever hear the saying, "You hold those you love closer to your heart with an open hand"...? What happens when you hold too tightly - they get smothered, squished, scared, and die!!! What happens when you hold gently? They flourish, grow, feel secure, and breathe life. You squeezed the life out of her.


Ever hear the other saying, "If you love something, let it go. If it comes back, it was always yours to begin with." If you really want her back, you will LEAVE HER ALONE. That means telling her "I love you, I will get myself some professional help, and if you ever need me, I am here." AND THEN NEVER CALL HER AGAIN!!! Let her breathe and grow and flourish with her life, don't drain her emotionally. She is a smart girl for getting out now.

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