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Online attraction?


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I met this guy online and I am really interested in getting to know him better. I know that there are a lot of other women who are trying to get his attention. He added me to his facebook and our first conversation was very awkward. It lagged a bit. I have never really met anyone online before. I am generally an outgoing person in real life but it is different online. How do I stand out from the rest of the women who are trying to get his attention. Do I compliment him to boost his ego? What do I say to him? How do I flirt? What are some things I should aviod? I can not arrange to meet him just yet because we are 2 states away from each other. I would appreciate any advice you can give me.

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Yes, show you actually like him. I added many women to facebook and got their number when i was surfing dating sites, they assumed i had all this attention and backed off, but nope... they forgot that it was give and take, they left me with the impression that they themselves have too many options, or that she likes to be pampered, so i ended up deleting them. The only people i invest time in is people who invest their time in me.


Comfort and familiarity is what develops feelings, if you dont bother to feed him a bit, then you give him the initiative and he has to guess at your intentions. And what if you are just building his ego? Then you will know immediately with how he matches your attention, you can weed out the people you dont want this way, instead of sitting back fiddling your thumbs and extending the wait.


But, when it comes to online, you need thick skin.

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