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What's likely to happen to my brother or sister?


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I'm curious. My mom is pregnant. I didn't know because I don't live with her. She's 5 months pregnant and she is planing to keep it. The guy she lives with is pretty domestically abusive and she's a drug addict and a prostitute. They don't make much money.... She's 34 and I actually have pretty much accepted she'll probably die soon enough. The thing is she's got no family so after the baby's born where is it likely to end up? What happens in unstable situations like this??

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Is she getting guided by a midwife that knows about this situation? I don't know about rules in the US (don't know if that's where you are ), here in Holland, if the government will know about this so to say, and they'll take care that there is extra counseling and control for single moms or problem families even before the baby is born. If she's still using drugs, the baby will need extra care when it's born because of withdrawal effects. Horrible If she's 34, when did she have you? Where do you stay, are you in a safe situation?

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