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Britain today. How is your country?


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It would be interesting to hear what it's like to live and work in other countries accross the world, from the people who live there. Anything in general - food, cultures, relationships, your neighbourhood, are you happy enough etc. Life experiences really.

I know we are all different, and we will all have different experiences in our own countries. My experience in the UK will be different from someone else in the same country, but here is my of Britain -


BRITAIN today : The people are generally nice, as you know there are good and bad people everywhere. But the UK has changed a lot in the last 40 years, and not for the better. There aren't many jobs around, a million young people unemployed, while older people have to work longer, and increasingly older people won't even have a retirement.

Traditional jobs such as manufacturing, dockyards and construction have gone abroad to cheap economies. Now young people who are not academically gifted have no future, and those who are can't find a job anyway.

The rich, the super-rich and politicians are corrupt. They send more jobs abroad to sweat shop economies to make millions on top of the millions they already have. People like Phillip Green earnt 1.2 billion in 1 year yet does not pay a penny in tax.

Meanwhile the ordinary people have to fight for the few good jobs, the few good schools etc. Our society is broken, and that has spilled over into relationships and marriages.

The food is good. We live in a multi-cultural society so there are many different types of food and cultures.

People are not generally happy but they get on with it and try to do well despite of the economy and people look to the future for better times ahead.


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