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Is she infirtile?


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Dear forum people,



Me and my GF have been dating for a month and a half.


We have been having sex for about 2 months. ~ about 30 times (sessions- last anywhere from 3 minutes to a several hours)



I have cum inside of her about 50 times.


She is NOT on any form of birth control. She has REGULAR periods. She is NOT pregnant, as of yesterday(period). (we do not have period sex)




She has always told me that she thinks she is infertile: she was a vegetarian from age 8 until now (17)


Apparently, her doctor told her that this may have caused some developmental issues during puberty.



She is extremely well developed for any woman (you know what I mean, on the outside).


But I digress



How is she not pregnant? Yes I know we should use condoms and I am irresponsible and irrational. But please, for the sake of knowledge, what the **** is going on here?

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You only have a 20% chance of becoming pregnant at each month. Why does a 17 year old want to be pregnant????? Do you both have a job? Can you physically,emotionally,mentally in anyway provide for a child? Do you have your own home? Do you have any idea how much baby clothes, formula and diapers and medical and dental care costs for children? Do you know how hard it is to raise a baby? At 17 you have NO concept whatsoever. Please wait till you are ready for a baby.

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Ok so we were just lucky....ok cool



Well then, off to planned parenthood for some Birth Control and condoms...




Oh and Victoria: we don't want a baby. We were prepared for an abortion, although the same thing (lots of cum and no fertilization) happened last month, but as we all know




Pregnancy scares are always scarier than the previous pregnancy scares because....because this time she might actually be pregnant.

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Abortion as a form of birth control? OMG.


As other posters have pointed out, abortion is NOT meant to be a form of birth control. It's extremely traumatic both physically and emotionally on the woman, it can effect her future fertility (and if she is worried about that to begin with, why would she want to make the situation worse)... and... without passing judgement or getting all controversial, at minimum I think it's safe to say it's in the moral "gray" areas of life.


You and your potential unborn child were very lucky.


Please use birth control.

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Prepared for an abortion? I'm a guy and that just made me shudder.


i'm so glad people have this reaction. i come from a country where abortion is illegal, and it always pains me to think that in other countries people may become desensitized to what abortion actually is to the extent where it is being used as a form of birth control.

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Why on earth are you playing with fire? It's not that you can have sex, and see you're fertile and not have all of the consequences (i.e. the responsibility of a child!). As for her worry, I've had an eating disorder (anorexic) throughout my teens and since I've recovered I've been a vegetarian. Got pregnant within only 2 or 3 cycles both times. Fertility issues are in addition not always on the woman's side - a man can be infertile too, of course. But please don't toy around with this. By the way, abortions (not miscarriages that occur naturally, that's really not precisely the same can hurt and damage the uterus (try google Asherman's syndrome) and cause infertility. So I think she wants to think twice. You both sound very immature and irresponsible.

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This post makes no sense. You are going full blast in her, then worried shes infertile, but say you both dont want kids. It seems you are trying to get her pregnant, but pretending you arent, which sends all sorts of signals that you are probably pretending this same behavior with her. Are you even telling her you are releasing inside of her? Some women, especially inexperienced ones, might not have a clue if you keep going after release.

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WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU. 50 TIMES AND NO CONTRACEPTION WHATSOEVER? You guys have no idea what you're messing with.


Please use condoms and birth control. Heck, practice pulling out even WITH the condom on. Infertile or not is not your problem. Your problem is preventing a possible pregnancy. And you know what? ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE when it comes to these kinds of things. It doesn't take much.


I know condoms are not fun, but trust me, being pregnant is even more NOT FUN. Especially when YOU (as a male) have NO CHOICE whatsoever. Nine times out of ten, you're not ready to be a father and you will hate it. Maybe you'll spend the rest of your life in fear and paranoia of a repeat too.


You've just been lucky.


I've been unlucky. Don't risk it.

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