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women in their 20's with kids...


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no I said she got pregnant by people who were abusive not that she was in a relationship with them. Well I wasn't attacking anyone's opinion just the bc comment is over the top ignorant and won't stand for that...


It's honestly not. When you don't divulge all the information (such as she was raped and that was how her kids were concieved) people will infer - and wondering why a woman had 2 kids before she was 20 (which clearly meant she wasn't on BC or not using it properly) is a pretty clear inference to make. In all honesty, I'm still not sure what kid was born first, the 2 born out of rape or the unplanned girl.

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I'm actually happy she's not as low as a murderer.. We're both pro-life. That makes her stronger. And yea she was planning to place for adoption... But her daughter's father stepped in and she didn't place for adoption..


How is she using bc for people who force her against her will.... You blame the abused not the abuser. You're a rapist sympathizer imo. Or that's what you sound like fudgie.


And you sound like a love-blind chap who is going into a relationship with a BROKEN, DAMAGED woman who isn't good for you.


I don't blame abused women. I blame women who are 18+ who are too stupid to protect themselves against pregnancy, especially from hurtful men.


She's no prize. If she were "strong" and "Awesome", she would have gotten herself and child out of a bad situation, not trying to "seal a deal" with a baby.


Seriously, use your own condoms with this woman if you don't want children. She sounds irresponsible. Don't be surprised if she "oops" you someday and definitely don't cum in her or else you'll become Baby Daddy #4. You're her Sloppy 4th. Is that really what you want for yourself? Really? Do you really think of yourself as that low? For shame.


Also, I forgot to add-


"ALL of her baby daddys were horrible people!!!" Really, all of them?


Big red flag - if someone's exes were ALL evil (ALL bad people, ALL their fault!) chances are, it's the person who is f'd up, not the exes. We all have some bad exes but if someone blames their exes for EVERYTHING and they themselves are perfectly innocent - that's fishy and a BIG red flag. People who are crazy tend to blame others for their own misgivings and relationship failures.

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