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Can someone please tell me whats going through his head???

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I'm a 19 year old girl, currently a college student and theres this boy. After my last ex bf ( i didn't really like him and it only lasted 2 months before be broke up mutually) this girl who is a year younger than me hooked up with him two days after we broke up. That kind of bothered me but not really i mostly just thought it was rude and trashy


. Anyways, after this her ex bf and i started talking a little bit ( they had been broken up for months) and finally we hung out and we started really liking each other. This whole summer as soon as we would both get off work we would hang out every single night and basically fell in love. He was the one i lost my virginity too and we did everything together. He was my best friend. Leaving each other at the end of the summer to go to our separate colleges was the hardest things we have ever done. ( we were both bawling). We made it work for the first few months of college because i would take the train and come see him for a night every two weeks. but after that things were getting rough but not to the point where i thought we would break up. One night he was texting me and was saying how he couldn't be as committed as i deserve and that i deserved better. Later that night he called and said that he didn't love me anymore so that was obviously the end of that.


We tried to be friends for a bit until he drunk texted me one night talking bout this waitress that was hitting on him and about his ex so i decided that we needed our space because i couldn't emotionally handle it. A few weeks after that, i was at the college he goes to visiting my best friend and we decided to meet up just to talk. We went up to his room where his three guy friends were there and he wouldn't sit next to me and barely talked to me it was super awkward. He was laying on the ground and i get a text from him saying " you look super hot right now" " all i wanna do is cuddle" "don't ever change, because i will always love you for who you are" so needless to say he was leading me on. I decided that i really couldnt handle it, so we stopped talking for a bit and then 2 weeks later i get a text from him saying that him and his ex were getting back together and that he wanted me to hear it from him.


this is the same ex that hooked up with my ex and the same one that made him so miserable he had to go into therapy. He said when we were dating that "he would never leave someone i love for someone i hate". So BASICALLY i have no idea what to do because everything reminds me of him and i can't sleep at all and I'm just sad. The saddest part is that if he wanted to get back together i would go in an instant. We don't talk anymore and he's blocked on twitter and fb bc i can't stand to hear about him. He unfollowed me on twitter because he apparently finds me "annoying" now which i don't get at all but whatever. He also vents about me to my best friend who, he never used to talk to much when we were dating. ANYWAYS SORRY FOR THE NOVEL JUST HAD TO GET IT ALL OUT THERE. PLEASE HELP!

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You seem to be asking how to move on. Its very very hard. The person you lose your virginity is the worst one. Honestly I didnt get over my ex till i dated someone else. I think also since you lost your virginity later it makes its hard because you think thats a person you can really be with for a long time (i lost mine at 18) but in reality they are still very very immature boys. The only way I got over mine was I found someone else. They showed me that he was just a relationship and I will go through maybe relationships in my life. He wasnt worth me obsessing over and clinging to like he was my last hope for happiness.


Ps. If the next one sucks too, dont give up. The best part about dating is finding the amazing one.

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