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In Need of a relationship rescue


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So here I am in a 5 month relationship and I'm at a loss on what to do. I really love her and I know she love's me but she talks to other guy's like I don't matter like were not in a relationship. The first time I hacked her facebook and seen she talks to her ex boy friend a lot and misses talking to him I seen the message's they exchanged cell phone number's. So in my mind she has daily contact with her ex so I said I would never hack her again but I did it again and she was talking to another guy. The other guy wanted her to come over and she was more than willing to but I guess he was a little to far from her. What I don't get is she says she loves me and needs me and that I'm the only one she wants and I have been honest with my feelings towards her and faithful in my heart I love her in my mind I think of her and miss her when shes not around. I only invaded her privacy cause I knew there were things she wasn't telling me if I haven't done it I would never know about it since than she deactivated her facebook but I can almost gaurantte she still has contact with those guys. So if anyone can help it would be appreciated

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Sound advice from a wise person. sometimes i get sad that i'm not in a relationship, then i hear situations like this, and i couldn't be happier. I'm not one to want to break off relationships, but this relationship is flawed. She obviously still has feelings for her ex. she might end up cheating on you if don't leave her. and it's gonna break you. to quote Casablanca, if you stay with her, "you'll regret it. maybe not today. maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of your life."

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