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1. Why am I stuck on stupid over him ugh. and another question.

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For some reason I don't know why I have such high false hope that he will contact me first or something. He only really says things to me if I contact him first and I am kind of annoyed at myself for writing to him first. Even though I deleted his number from my phone, I still know it. I would text him and he would respond sometimes, but the conversation doesn't go anywhere. I figure since he was the one that dump me he would have deleted everything that kept us in contact. Maybe I am in denial. I only deleted two of the 5 things we use to keep in contact. since i rarely use the other three... much less remember the password for them. He just reblogs the stuff I post on tumblr, even tho mutual friends reblog my stuff before him [ would show up on his timeline ]. He said he was still going to talk to me. But nothing. Ugh. Guess I'm being impatient... or he just hopes ignoring me will eventually smush things... But i guess I'm not bright enough to take an indirect sign.... or i jus don't want to I find things to do but it still doesn't distract me as much. I don't get sad or anything. I just laugh at the funny things that took place. Sad thing is that if he was to ask me to go back out with him or try again. I feel like I would.


Another question:

Do i have to mention to him I am interested in someone else or something when that time comes? Because in a previous...previous relationship before this one, my ex got mad at me for not telling him and made a big issue of it even though he showed no signs of wanting to be with me. It was as if he wanted me to stay single since he was single and only talk to him.


If you call me stupid or think I am I won't feel bad, because thats how I'm feeling right now.

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Whoa. You're not stupid, you just have some unrealistic ideas.


He broke up with you. What you need to do is move on. Pretend he no longer exists. Be single or date, whatever you like but of course you don't owe him anything in particular you don't need to contact him to let him know you're interested in someone else when that time comes. Your life is no longer his business. ASK HIM NOT TO CONTACT YOU - don't wait around hoping he will. If he does contact you, ignore him - DO NOT RESPOND. Don't contact him.


If you had some previous ex that got upset when you moved on, after being broken up, without telling him then he was clueless as to what being broken up means.

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