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Hi everyone,


So this is kind of a problem to me. Over 1 year ago I broke up with my (ex-)boyfriend. We got into a fight about some mean words he said to me in the first months of our relationship, and even tough I apologized for bringing it up again, he wanted some "time to think". I called him, texted him and said I was sorry over a billion times and told him how much I loved him. He didn't care, told me not to call him anymore (he said he would call me). So I didn't. I waited patiently. After 3 days, I called him. His father picked up the phone and got mad with by ex for not talking to me. My ex refused to get on the phone. I broke up with him. I felt that he wanted to break up, or that he couldn't get over his pride and I refused being treated like he treated me.

Anyways, now I'm finally over him and back on the market. I go out in the weekends with my friends and have a nice job. I signed up for a datingsite a few months ago, just to give it a try. But then I was matched with the best friend of my ex's brother. So I panicked and deleted my profile. Now I want to sign up again, because I really enjoyed watching my daily matches and chatting to them.

I am very afraid that I will be matched with someone who knows my ex bf. I know he is going to laugh at me and think I am pathetic. I know this shouldn't be bothering me, but it does. Sometimes I meet him while going out, because he lives in the same town. I can't bear to see him, because I have never known why exactly he broke up with me and it frustrates me. Please help.


(sorry for the bad English, I actually live in Austria)

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Sign up.


Online dating is extremely common these days. If he wants to think you are a loser for doing it - he'll have to think MILLIONS of people are losers. Including his brother's best friend.


You are fabulous. You are exploring ALL of your options - online AND offline. Nothing wrong with that. No shame.

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