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I dated a girl immediately after she broke up with her boyfriend of 3.5 years (We actually were talking about being together while she was still with him and she said she partly broke up with him to be with me). We dated for 3 months and I wanted to get serious and she didn't (she was still hung up on her ex somewhat and said she was too messed up emotionally to commit fully) so I broke up with her (for like the 4th time. She always begged me to stay when I tried so I never pulled the trigger) and then tried to get her back and she said she was too messed up emotionally right now and needed to be single for a while. After our breakup (a month ago) we kept talking non stop for 2 weeks as if we were still dating. One time she called and cried to me about how she should have stayed with her ex and married him and blah blah blah. I comforted her because I felt bad even though it was kind of weird. Over those two weeks she kept telling me how sexy I looked in class and always talked about how she wanted to cuddle with me and how sex with me was the best she ever had. Then I decided to go with very limited contact for the next week because I felt like I needed to get over her. She would still text me every few days and we would talk a little bit. A week ago she told me she missed me and said she missed how safe she felt when I was around and she was sorry for making things so hard for me. I just responded by saying we would always be friends and I was there for her if she needed to talk. Her texting died down to once every 3 days or so and the drunk text messages didn't happen anymore. Yesterday she told me she was sad and lonely. I just don't know how to interpret this. Does she want me back eventually, like when she heals emotionally and forgets her ex? Is she just using me to comfort her when she is sad?


Any help is appreciated.


Thanks in advance

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I can't see how a relationship that starts out with her using you as an emotional crutch after a breakup from an LTR, and you staying in contact with her has any real staying power. She likes to lean on you for support - she keeps you invested by flirting with you, playing on your attraction for her which she is obviously very aware of. I think the longer you try and stay connected to her and be supportive, the less likely you will experience an outcome you are desirous of.

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