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Got Back Together, and It Did Not Work, Multiple Times


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Maybe this is just something some of you won't want to read. But I have to get it off my chest. It is therapeutic for me to vent.


I posted in early January about us getting back together after a October/November breakup. The original breakup was not a quick one. It lasted a few weeks with us talking about it, then she feeling I had not changed anything. I'm a younger guy, mid-20s. Her and I started dating in High School, on and off. In college we dated from midway through my Freshman year until I graduated. We had originally broke up in Summer 2010, for about 2 months, then again in October/November 2011.


Both times we got back together.


She felt that I wasn't putting her as a priority in my life. That I worked too much, didn't take her out enough, not enough vacations. Felt that she wanted to be #1 in a mans life. I agree that she deserved that. There was drama between some of the people I would hang out and her, and she didn't overly like going out unless it was with her friends or just her and I. She had recently moved back to our hometown and didn't have many friends in the area anymore, so it was hang out with me or she would do nothing.


When we did get back together, it started around xmas, just simple texting back and forth. We spent NYE together and it was great, just an awesome time. We decided to just forgive each other and move on, use the foundation of how we felt to build our relationship on. We basically argued every week we got back together, she would get drunk and say stuff, she would say how she needed to move to a bigger city and it wouldn't work between us if I didn't want to either. She didn't like that I went out one night when she had a bad day at work, even though I asked her to come out with me all week, and the final straw was me going to a birthday party for a close friend when she had plans all week, up until 2 hours before the party. I asked her, again, to come all week, and she refused. Even urged me to go saying have a great time. That was it for her. She played the "you choose your friends over me nonstop" after that night and said she was done. Of course the next week she texted me about her not being a great cook, out of nowhere, which I still don't understand.


My point is that I am hurt cause she was my girl for so long. She now is out looking for a new guy, she's a beautiful girl, a catch. I'm hurt, but I know I can find someone who will appreciate my work ethic and understand me going to a birthday party. Sounds ridiculous, because it really is.

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