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Hello everyone,


I'd like to take the time to ask a serious question...


As much as I love my Girlfriend, I think that there is something missing. I'd do anything for her, I'd lay my life on the line to protect her.


I just don't know if she feels the same. I mean, I give up everything for her. I treat her wonderfully. I'm a volunteer EMT and I go to school and work two other jobs. I used to run a lot more Rescue calls as an EMT and now I run about a fourth of what I normally would have. She wants me to stay with her, and she gets sad when I leave and go on calls. When I go to work at my other job's she always tells me she misses me. The funny part about that is, I apparently was too clingy a few months before I got my second job.


I guess one of the big things that Irritates me is she's a hypocrite. She tells me one thing, however she does the other thing - IE: She tried smoking once and said she hated it, then one day she smelt kinda funny (like smoke) and I didn't say anything and she said she smoked - (Smoking is a deal breaker for me) - I eventually saw past this... as much as it irritated me that she would say something like that and do it... I'm just wondering.. Do I need to be worried about more instances of this happening? This is the only thing that is keeping me back from fully loving her like she deserves (she has a terrible home life and her ex was terrible to her). She's a very sweet girl. I just don't want this kind of crap to happen again - about something more important (such as "I hate cheaters" and then she goes and cheats on me - just as an example)



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She thought you were clingy before and now she misses you.. That could have been how your relationship is developing, maybe she likes you more now.

As for smoking, you should wait before you for an opinion on that one, smoking one time is just one time.

Love is probably bigger than smoking and missing you too often.

You said you'd do anything for her.

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