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Last conversation with Ex, still hoping for a future.


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In a nutshell:


Not sure if I'll ever forget about this one. It's your typical guy = ungrateful, remote, unable to love properly, and girl = fed up, want's to move on.

In this situation, she put up with my own personal problems for 3 years. She wanted to get couple counseling, try different types of things to get things back on track. Alot of special occasions were ruined, we stopped being intimate for a year which scarred her making her feel unnattractive.


From Nov-December of 2011 she didn't even wan't to hear from me, so much resentment and was angry at the person I was.

During Christmas we spent two weeks together, it was great, she had saw I changed and amazed at how genuinely different I had become.

She got back home in the states and said she still has flashbacks of the scarring past, being hurt, and that she wants us to move on.


Last week we had a convo, we were to stop talking then become friends in the future hopefully once moved on, she doesn't want to lose me as a friend. During that week it was Valentines day, it took a toll on her and she sent me texts. I ignored for about 4 days then finally caved.

I knew it was just lingering emotions that didn't mean anything, and she confirmed she simply missed me and nothing more. She then apologized and said it wouldn't happen again even tho she thinks of me constantly.



This Sunday we had another conversation, she kept saying she know's "us" and that we'll talk again in the future and eventually become friends. It was not a heated conversation.


My last words were:


"6 years of friendship is a long time, but I don't think I can remain friends. Just like you have grown, so have I, so you can't say you know "US" anymore. As much as I love you and have changed for the better, I need it all erased and wan't to move on, i wouldn't have messaged you this week if you didn't sound so serious and persistent. If you ever miss me just realize that you're only having a moment, and that I'm probably doing the exact same thing you are. If anything does change with you in the future, I'm already gone. Goodbye (talking to opposite sex).


Hang up




I was just fed up and it's never felt so real, thing's are detrimental right now as busy as I keep myself. I have a movie date this week but still.

I never cheated on this woman, but she is still very hurt.


1. It's my birthday in March and i'm about 70% sure she'll send me a fb message or call me.

Part of me really want's to answer and show her how well I'm doing, at least I hope I am by then. Just be completely nonchalant, not over do it


2. Another part of me want's to make my facebook wall not private so she can check my wall whenever. Not to boast, but let her know I'm moving on and always have her check it.



I know myself, it's difficult for me to love in general and I won't be over this for a very long time.

I was very persistent with her for giving me closure, i NEVER once "Begged" for her back, even tho I did push her away at times and annoyed her, I just needed lot's of closure.

I'm just glad I proved to her that I'm finally myself, she had stated that if this was me last year we probably would have got married because I would be the perfect boyfriend.


She just can't get over it. She always brings up what she wen't through for 2 years and that she doesn't feel bad for me, there is definitely some pride involved. At times I think she is selfish, because I swallow my pride a while ago and forgot about things.



Anyways, thanks for listening.

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I clearly do, but she want's to move on and has made that clear. Don't know if I can be friends.

It just baffles me how someone can love you so much, I mean this girl was absolutely crazy about me it was almost overwhelming, I was just too much of an idiot to embrace it. Not exaggerating.

I'm going to not private it at times, if I remember to anyways.

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I see, I just say do what YOU want... If she is trying to move on, fine....But doesn't mean you can't still try pursueing her. The worst that can happen is her to say NO...

I was scared to pursue my ex after breaking up, but I did and yeah, got shubbed away a few times...He told me I need time....I gave it 2 days nc, contacted him again and

he is texting/talking to me again when I call. He never stopped answering my calls, which I find weird, but nice to know he still cares that much about me.


We hopefully will have another chance...


My whole point is DO what you wanna DO!!!...You only have one life to live...

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She has told you she misses you but no longer wants a relationship, even if she means this or not is her matter, your matter is that you need to accept it as her final decision and start to move on properly because you are just going to be waiting for her to change her mind which she may not do. Its okay to have some hope, but these hopes need to be ones back of the mind and ones that don't control your life. You say you are also going on a date, its good to date others but in the meantime you should focus on your own flaws, you say you are 'ungrateful' and 'remote' both which if improved, could make you into a better person and partner. Your ex may be hurt over you dating others, but she no longer wants to be with you - she can't have her cake and eat it, so don't let it stop you. She also needs time to focus on healing herself from her past 'scarring' before you should consider being in a new relationship with her, and that will take many months or even years.

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